Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stars of the small screen

Yesterday, the girls and I went on a tour of KOIN 6 thanks to my friend, Liz (her husband, Brad was in the climbing accident with my brother, so we bonded in the hospital; this was more fun). She even took us into the studio during the noon news and we got to see what goes into making the show happen (thankfully, we couldn't hear the audio on the gory stories).

The girls had never seen a green screen and after the news, the weather guy and control room guy conspired to wow them with it's secrets (we had fun with a green cape and disembodied heads). Then there was the obligatory photo shoot as evening anchors and a couple of crazy interviews.

"Why, Meira, did your family decide to build an oven in your backyard when you already had one in the house?"

"Well, my mama burned herself on that one..."

Thanks, Liz for this very memorable experience. We'll be reenacting it all summer, I'm sure.

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