Monday, December 20, 2010

Standing in the Dark

I shared my daughter's writing with you. Can I share a bit of my own too? I suppose that's what a blog is, after all, a place to share one's writing, but I typically tell you stories rather than post scribblings. But this year I've enjoyed dropping in to an occasional writer's group in Portland and am finally getting brave enough to share a thing or two that emerged from my work there. This short piece came from the prompt, "Imagine you are standing in the dark." Maybe in the middle of your Christmas chaos, you can relate.

Why do I always leave the entry-way light until last?
I turn in the safety of the vinyl patch by the door,
working to recall the placement of each forgotten toy

The dollhouses dragged out for a city—here
the game—over there—too elaborate to bear demolition

And not just toys clutter the floor

There's the laundry,
piled high,
      pawed over,
            spilling out

Library books read, skimmed, ignored—ah—there

I step

They say it goes by so fast


They say to cherish every moment


They say to let the mess go


I don't think they've seen this mess


And again

Two more and…


I slide in under straightened sheets
the only straight thing, sometimes,
feel my good man breathe.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Appliance Odes

Thanks to a very generous donor (thanks...inexpressible thanks!), a new washer and dryer were delivered to our house yesterday. They're pretty high-tech looking and make cool noises when you operate them. We put in a load of laundry right away and later, when I went out to switch it, I found two notes (replicated here with spelling and punctuation intact).

You are humble as you wash my clothes; yet you are fisty at my stains!
I love you in every way. From your bloopidy-bleep, when you bigin; to your bleepidy-boop, when you end!
Thank you!

You hum wile you dry the clothes. You are warm and you vibrate. You calm me down till I get to love you. I love you from your song to your warmth. Thank you!
Meira Lee

I think the new appliances are pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have considered a love note the appropriate expression of my affection. I hope the new refrigerator doesn't get jealous.