Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting School!

We're starting school tomorrow. (I've got lots to do and am only writing this because I have to be at the computer overseeing the installation of our new encyclopedia). The girls have been begging to start for weeks, were only put off by the promise of the Wooden Boat Festival last weekend and today spent the evening working on a writing project from the only school book I didn't lock down. I'm feeling the pressure to have everything prepped perfectly, a ludicrous and impossible pressure made even more impossible by the fact that my journal (with all my scattered school thoughts) didn't make it home from Bryan's mom's house after our trip to the festival (The trip. Oh, the trip! It was so wonderful and will get its own post at some point, but tonight is all about school.)
We've got what we need, though: lots of books, a reasonably clean table, and eager, curious minds. Oh, and don't forget the freshly sharpened pencils. I think we're good to go.