Thursday, May 31, 2007

Now that it's sunny...

...I remembered to take a picture of the roof. A few weeks ago, Bryan and Meira disappeared to the garage for a couple of hours, made a trip or two to the hardware store and, by evening, had constructed this lovely roof.

Some enjoyable features:
It slides on rustic runners to keep the wood away from sparks or flame.
There is a storage shelf for the oven tools and marshmallow sticks.
It is so cute!

Saturday, we had our vegetable farmers over for dinner to help plan an open house on their farm. OK, OK, It was mostly an excuse to see Katie and Casey and fire the oven. When the increasingly excellent pizza was consumed, Katie suggested s'mores. We didn't have all the ingredients on hand, but after a quick pantry scrounge, discovered some marshmallows - and that's really what we were after anyway. The even heat of the oven roasted the most delicious, most perfectly browned marshmallows I have ever eaten. And I can't wait for a free weekend to finally try bread. I'll keep you posted...

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