Sunday, June 12, 2011

No right writing

Here's a pantoum from April's writers' group. I was grateful for the chance to record a conversation with Meira, one that meant a lot to both of us. Maybe you will be inspired to try your own pantoum. (You might not want to read the wikipedia definition before you read the poem; it makes writing a pantoum sound a lot more complicated than it actually is.) 

“There is no right writing,
There is only better writing.”
I wiped her tears as I spoke,
deep from my own brokenness.

There is only better writing.
I yearn, like she does, for perfection
deep from my own brokenness.
And she doesn't always listen.

She yearns, like I do, for perfection.
“Can I help you with your work?”
She doesn't always listen,
she doesn't know how much I understand

“I can help you with your work,”
I wiped her tears as I spoke.
She doesn't know how much I understand—
There is no right writing.


Sherry said...

Love this! I think I get it.....

Emily said...

Love this. You are a beautiful mama, and Meira is a beautiful girl.