Tuesday, May 06, 2008


You've heard of cow-tipping. Well today I was involved in more nefarious bovine affairs. We went to the dairy farm as usual and, as usual, fell into an adventure. This little calf was born just after lunch and immediately after his arrival, another cow claimed him. This would normally be a bit of a problem, but not today. Since the new calf is a boy, the farm is planning to sell him. And they have some customers who have been wanting to buy a cow and calf pair. But the real mama is a great milker, too good to sell. So when this other cow decided to take over, Chrissie decided to help. And we arrived just in time to aid and abet. Chrissie led the new mama up the hill and we followed, encouraging the baby, so new to this walking-thing, and running interference against the (only mildly offended) real mama. Then the other 2 cows and several goats decided to come over and investigate the disturbance in the farmyard. I'm glad all the animals are VERY tame.

We finally got this oddly blended new family separated from the others to give them a chance to bond (and for baby to figure out that milk doesn't emit from his mama's kneecaps). They'll be going to their new home tomorrow; we are so glad we showed up in time to be a part of this unusual day on the farm.

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michelle said...

Bethany, your life, your spirit and your sense of adventure combined with your love for tradition (bread baking/home schooling) is such a joy to witness. So many times I wish I could just trade my day for yours. I'd love to be able to sit down at the piano and play beautifully-effortlessly, then bake bread to die for, and venture out to the farm for some back to the basics experiences.

I know, I know, we all have different gifts-and as we have talked about some day I'll at least get to learn the secrets of bread baking from you!!

Thank you for the joy and inspiration you bring into my life by sharing yours.
Love you!