Friday, April 25, 2008

A Grand Night Out

Tonight I went to the Dave Brubeck concert at the Schnitz. I don't often go to live concerts, so it took a bit of convincing to get me to this one, but I'm oh-so-very glad I went. From the opening set (ahhh "Stormy Weather" Brubeck style) all the way to the jaw-dropping rendition of "Take Five" at the end, I never stopped grinning. I didn't know how the band could come back for an encore after a night like that, but they topped off the evening and cleverly avoided a second encore with a wry performance of Brahms Lullaby.

You can bet my grandkids will hear about this one. That's how good it was.

But I would never have enjoyed it this much without the company. I tagged along with Mauri, Howard, and Nate; three dear friends and fellow music lovers. Sitting with them, toe-tapping and laughing in all the same places, analyzing and marveling together--that was as good as the music. And then Brandon and Korie, dear friends themselves, tracked us down across the concert hall (Korie said she would recognize my laughter anywhere) and added their smiles to our grinning group. Good music. Good friends. I'm blessed.

(See Sherry's site for a picture. If she hasn't posted it yet, she probably will)

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